Heydenwall-Burgtraining Vechta

Photo: Burgbelebung Vechta 2014

This meeting is organised by Heydenwall. Beginners and advanced fighter of all styles and periods are welcome.

The main rules are here. For some games or workshops other rules may apply.

Friday, 24.04.19, 17:00 - Sunday, 26.04.2020, 16:00

The training venue is part of the Museum Vechta, its address is:
Zitadelle 15, 49377 Vechta (D)
The training event actually takes place on the castle grounds of the museum in the park nearby. Access is via 49377 Vechta, An der Paulus-Bastei 3, there is a small path left to the big bridge.

The main focus of the training lies on group fighting. Also we train single combat as well as how to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of various terrains and different fighting situations.
Additionally we offer the opportunity to train commando-structure and new tactics.

Training starts on Saturday and Sunday each at 10am. The training will be held in historical clothing. As an exception modern shoes are allowed. Modern protection has to be hidden from sight.

Our fighting rules can you find here (in English): The rules
Basically we are fighting with enlarged target area without head.

You can sleep in the castle tower, which is unfortunately not heated or in your own tent. Please let us know in the registration form. We have showers, toilets and firewood.

The attendance fee includes catering for the whole weekend (Dinner on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday + Sunday) for 21,50 EUR (vegetarian) or 26,50 EUR (incl. meat products). If you are going to arrive on Friday, you are welcome to join the pasta party, it's 2,50 EUR extra. Please let us know your allergies/food intolerances so we can take care of them.

Sign up and join the fun!

Click on the following link to fill in the registration form. You will get a copy of your form right after as an eMail. We will send you an extra confirmation as soon as possible. The deadline is 05.04.2020. Until this date you must have send us your attendance fee via PayPal. Please address it to this account: paypal [at]

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