Medieval Fighting Practice in Oldenburg

Photo: Weapon holders The weekly practice is arranged by Heydenwall and is attended by fighters from different local reenactment clubs, including:

The focus lies on fighting with sword, axe, spear and daneaxe according to these rules.

Each Monday at 18:30-21:00

Training Location: At the Carl von Ossietzky Universität (open-air sports hall) (Uhlhornsweg 49-55, 26111 Oldenburg)

The purpose of our line training is to develop our abilities as a reserve and supporting group, as well as our techniques as a cohort. To do so, we play these games.
The first part of the training is single combat fighting as a preparation for group fighting. The second part of the training is the actual group fighting.

Each Thursdayat 18:30-21:00

Training Location: Sports hall of the SV Moslesfehn (Korsorsstraße 7, 26203 Wardenburg/ Südmoslesfehn)
Arrival by bus line 314 (Wardenburg via Südmoslesfehn) possible. Bus stop: Korsorsstraße

At this training, the emphasis lies on rethinking and improving the individual fighting. The goal of the training is the right use of the whole body and the safe and efficient use of the weapon.
In this training we play increasingly with extended hitting areas and only accept clean cuts, blows and stabs as a valid hit. As usual in our group, the one who is hit is the one to decide if it has been a valid hit.

The internal technique training is no replacement for the linetraining.

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