Art of Fighting

Heydenwall deals with the art of fencing of the Middle Ages in many ways and also actively practices it as a martial art and as a fencing sport. This is terribly fun and good humour for us, really good for us as individuals and also amazingly productive. We actively promote different currents in the group, in particular: Medieval fencing as a modern sport, Reconstruction of historical martial arts, Dynamic tactical fencing in groups, Didactic teaching of cooperative group fencing, Methodological analysis of martial arts and fencing sports.

More about fencing and Heydenwall can be found here:
Heydenwall and the Armed Encounter

pictogram: sport symbol axe

We have weekly training rounds. You can find more information here:
Medieval Fighting Practice Training

Logo: Logo: The logo of the Heydenwall Burgtraining Vechta. The stylized silhouette of the castle

Once a year we organize the Heydenwall Castle Training in Vechta, to which we invite other groups. You can find more about it here:
Heydenwall-Burgtraining Vechta

We have a training management group that organizes the training and is constantly involved in setting up and developing the training, they also documented the progress of the trainings. Since everything that happens there is still in flux or rather internal, in the first step this will only be published internally. Only when we have edited the texts so that they are also interesting for others, they will be published under theoretical.

Heydenwall is always dealing with the background of the fencing arts. Thereby we develop theoretical concepts, which we then also publish. You can find the published ones here:

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