Vechta Castle Revivals

Logo: The logo of the Castle Revivals Vechta. The stylized silhouette of the castle

The Castrum Vechtense of the Museum Vechta aims to be a reconstruction of the medieval castle of Vechta in the late 11th / early 12th century once it completed. It is a lowland castle with three islands, divided into the outer castle, the secondary castle and the main castle. Since the complex is currently still under construction, the revival of the castle is also based on this state of construction of the castle.

During the revival of the castle, we represent the life in this castle under construction. Although the military aspect of the castle inevitably plays a role, we focus on everyday civilian life. For us, this means above all showing the basic supply, such as food preparation or clothing manufacture, as well as the work of building and maintaining the castle with the associated craft.

We aim to meet scientific standards in our presentation. This means that we orient ourselves on current research and undertake our own further research in order to be able to provide evidence for the interpretation of our representations. What is still possible when material culture is concerned, is much more difficult with practices, social structures and manners, which is why we point out this problem. In addition, we are aware that a complete representation of medieval life is not possible. However, in order to get closer to this, we are constantly striving to develop further. We are also pleased about the critical exchange with researchers, museums and other reenactors. Please feel free to contact us at the address below.

The event is supported by Heydenwall. We are also happy to invite external reenactors. We reserve the right to make a selection according to our general conditions.

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