Castle revival Vechta - general conditions

The focus of the depiction is on everyday life and is intended to show the regular life on this concrete fortification. Even though neither combat nor a battle are in the foreground, the castle's mission to protect and defy is reflected in everyday life.

This is to say that military depictions and fighting tend to take a back seat and more space is given to craftsmen as well as maids and servants. Thus, the individual castle man as a necessary military may already represent the entire castle crew in order to create an appropriate picture of the social relations.

Even if we do not organize a Live-Action-Roleplay (LARP) role plays are basically not forbidden and depending upon context even desired, in order to make for example attentive on differences of status or to model the social handling among themselves. However, this should be preceded by historical research so as not to jeopardize the museum level, and it should be discussed with everyone beforehand.

Since we are representing the museum, appropriate interaction with the audience is expected.
If possible, the audience can and may be included in the actions and alluded to, for example, by describing and explaining the craft they are currently practicing. Contacting and communicating in role has proven less effective and usually creates more reluctance and shyness on the part of visitors. It can be informative and interesting for visitors to learn about the geography and politics of the time. People often ask who and how many people lived in this castle at that time. At this point, special attention can be drawn to the difference between a castle as a residential complex and a castle as a fortified complex.

To maintain a museum level means that the presentation should follow scientific standards in order to be as accurate as possible a presentation of a certain area of life of a period of history. For us, this means researching and orienting ourselves to current research so that we can also prove what we were thinking when we presented it.
Heydenwall does this, among other things, with a kit guide for castle revival (This is still in an early stage, though).

In order to provide the picture with a certain sharpness, there are the following restrictions:

  • Depictions are limited in time to 1076-1140 (11-12 yrs.).
  • Only local representations are allowed (No Vikings, no Normans, no Byzantines).
  • Representation must correspond to the respective estates.
  • Social roles are not allowed to be changed (no larp).
  • Religion is omnipresent (the area is the fief of a bishop).

Furthermore, the following restrictions apply to the presentation in Vechta:

  • No gore (no excessive violence, no torture, no sexual violence).
  • No depiction of sacred acts (baptism, communion, communion, marriage, last rites).
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