photo: right glove

The pattern for printing as PDF
The pattern as SVG

All cuts require adjustment to your own measurements.
A seam allowance is not included in the templates. Most seams are worked on butt, where seam allowances are present, they have a width of 3-4 mm.

cut pattern: inner glove

Only the top two parts are leather, the rest is fabric.
The leather outside always belongs to the outside because it is more stable and sweat-wicking.
The example glove in the picture is still sewn the old way from a welding glove, which is not recommended.

Photo: inside glove from outside Photo: inside glove from the inside

cut pattern: cushion

photo: upholstery from outside Photo: cushion from inside

Photo: Padding on the glove from the outside Photo: padding on glove from inside

After many years of use, now an extension.

Photo: glove covered with watches extension Photo: glove with watches extension opened

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