Plunder bag

Photo: Loot bag Photo: First Aid Bag

cut pattern: scavenger bag

All measurements are without seam allowance and in cm.

The x on the strap stands for the overlap on the bag, I chose an overlap of 7,5 cm, so that the strap has a total length of 2*7,5+115=130 cm.

The cut is relatively simple: two rectangles and a strap and the whole thing again as an inner lining.

The real trick with the bag is that the strap is sewn next to the seam so that the bag is held up by the strap. This means that even with coarse gloves, something can be placed in the bag with a twisting movement next to the strap. There is no lid. A nice addition for the modern fighter is a key ring near the strap. This saves you the hassle of searching for keys in the lower part of the bag.

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