Water bottle bag

At markets and when training in costume, it is a good thing to hide your water bottle so that it does not detract from the overall image. This way it doesn't get in the way of photos or irritate the audience. In addition, the water bottle can be well packed and always carried along. Of course, a leather bottle or a water hose would be ideal. As an interim solution, or because someone wants to drink something other than water, a water bottle is a good solution.

Here is an example with a 0.5 l bottle:

photo: drinking-bottle-bag Photo: Bottle bag with bottle

The bag was sewn from a simple rectangle with a tunnel sewn at the top by folding it over.

The rectangle must have as measurements:
circumference of the bottle + seam allowance and a little more (circumference + about 4 cm)
Height of the bottle + seam allowance + width of the tunnel and a little more. (height + approx. 8 cm)

In my case the measurements were 26 x 30 cm.

A 0.5 l bottle is ideal for the battlefield and for forest combat. It does not weigh too much and makes it possible to drink even during short breaks.

For standard training (approx. 2 hours) with regular breaks where a rest area can be reached, 1.5 l is good.

Anything longer needs more drink. A cover and a bag containing the bottles are also sufficient.

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