Forearm protectors

Forearm protector based on the Valsgarde forearm protector.

Photo: Forearm guard with arm from outside

Sheet thickness: 1,5 mm
Total height: 24 cm
Total width: 29 cm
Leather strap thickness: 2 mm
Leather strap width: 16 mm
Rivets made of roofing felt nails: 3 mm
buckles: 16 mm
Total weight: 533 g

print template for the sheet metal as PDF

Photo: Valsgarde forearm protectors Picture of the found location of the Valsgarde forearm protector.

cut pattern: forearm protector Drawing forearm protector

The pattern was changed in the following points:

  • Number of plates
  • method of fastening (in the original, the transition to the strap is unclear)
  • Ornamentation

Photo: forearm protectors from outside Forearm protectors from the outside

Photo: Forearm protectors from the inside Forearm protectors from the inside

Photo: Forearm protectors with arm from outside

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