Heydenwall-Burgtraining Vechta

Logo: Logo of the Heydenwall castle training Vechta. The stylized silhouette of the castle

This meeting is organised by Heydenwall and its main focus lies on group fighting. Also we train single combat as well as how to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of various terrains and different fighting situations.
Additionally we offer the opportunity to train command-structure and new tactics.
Beginners and advanced fighter of all styles and periods are welcome.

The main rules are here. For some games or workshops other rules may apply.

Photo: Fighting people on the way to battle

Friday, 12.04.19, 17:00 - Sunday, 14.04.19, 16:00

In Vechta, on the castle grounds of the museum.

The rules
Some of the possible games

To the registration form

What happened until now:
pictures from fencing meet up

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