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HIFU Certificate Heydenwall

Historical IInternational Combatant GUnion

Zertifizierungsnummer: HW-1000081-77377

This certificate is valid until: 10.10.2015

Heydenwall is a HIFU certified company since 862.
The attainment took place after the looting of a major German city by a wild Heydenwall attack cloud and the resulting contact with the culture of the looted, which soon motivated us to seek certification.
The certificate is automatically renewed for one year after each Great Battle if no complaints are received by the Works Council.

Since obtaining it, we have made constant efforts to improve the conditions for Heydenwallis in line with the HIFU.

The following target agreements have already been met:

  1. free access to water for all after all combat operations
  2. free choice of sides
  3. washing-up service also for leaders, also on Sundays and holidays
  4. equal seating conditions for all, including non-combatants
  5. reduction of group insults to a level necessary for motivation (even in case of complete failure)
  6. comprehensibility of orders and commanded tactics even after 6 p.m.
  7. free access to all tactics meetings
  8. no compulsion to fight in rain or other difficult natural conditions
  9. no color constraint for the shields
  10. abolition of corporal punishment for disobeying orders

Future goals:

  1. free access to beer after completed combat operations
  2. constant supply of equal or suitable challenging opponents
  3. free access to training in the immediate vicinity (the „1 hour requirement“)
  4. even more fun, even less politics
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