The lamellar armour documented here is composed of lamellae/platelets that were copied from finds from Birka. The cut is based on finds, but also adapted to the needs of today's game. In particular, it is open on two sides, whereas the finds are only open on the shield side. This change is to allow different people with different levels of clothing (gambeson wears on) to wear the armour without it no longer fitting.

The overlap of the lamellae runs from front to back and from bottom to top, so that stitches will slide off to the side and upwards. With regard to the overlap from bottom to top, there are different opinions. To me, an overlap from top to bottom seems more sensible for a foot fighter and an overlap from bottom to top for a rider.

For the time being, I have chosen a very simple iron form for the buckles for reasons of cost, moreover, this makes the chronological classification not so specific.

The upper arm

Photo: Lamellar Dressed from the front Photo: Lamellar Dressed from behind

Weight: 6725 g
Thickness of the platelets: 1 mm
Width of front: 61 cm
Width of the back: 56 cm
Length of the torso protector: 26,5 cm
Total length of front: 43 cm
Total length of back: 52 cm
Total shoulder length: 34 cm
Width of shoulder: 10,5 cm

The leather straps on this Lamellar are made of vegetable tanned goatskin with a thickness of 2 mm and a width of 8 mm. But it also works with any other leather. I prefer flat leather straps as they don't get damaged easily and I can cut them myself.

Photo: Lamellar Dressed from the top of the shoulder Photo: Lamellar Dressed from the side

Lamellar overall view

Photo: Lamellar fixing shoulder outside Photo: Lamellar attachment of shoulder inside

Photo: Lamellar Befestigung der Schnallen Photo: Lamellar Befestigung der Riemen

Photo: Lamellar leather straps knot

Photo: Birka slats

Photo: Visby Lammellen

Scheme drawing: Lamellar from front For front 171 large lamellae and 4 small ones.

Scheme drawing: Lamellar shoulder Per shoulder, 15 large platelets and 8 small ones.

Cut pattern: Lamellar shoulder connection

Scheme drawing: Lamellar from behind For the back, 180 large lamellae and 6 small ones.

The total number is thus 381 large and 26 small lamellae.

The lamellar dimensions

Scheme drawing: lamellar

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