Lamellar upper arm

The lamellar upper arms documented here are an extension of the lamellar. They do not correspond to any Viking Age find, but they are quite practical.

The overlap is from top to bottom, so that blows can slide off. And from the middle to the outside, because as a spearman I usually stand with one side in front and so the thrusts can slide off. For a melee fighter, an overlap from front to back is more appropriate.

The lamellar

Photo: Lamellar upper arm from front

Weight left: 768 g
weight right: 753 g
Weight both: 1521 g
Weight with Lamellar: 8426 g
Thickness of lamellar: 1 mm
Width of upper arm protection: 22 cm
Length of the upper arm protection: 26,5 cm

Photo: Lamellar upper arm from below From below

Photo: Lamellar upper arm from above From above

Photo: Lamellar upper arm outside Lamellar upper arm outside

Photo: Lamellar upper arm inside Lamellar upper arm inside

Scheme drawing: Lamellar upper arm

41 large plates and 2 small ones

Together with the lamellar there are 463 large and 30 small plates.

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