Arched shield leather rim 85

  • Arched round shield made of birch plywood and poplar plywood,
  • front side covered with linen,
  • rope sewn onto the edge and covered with leather as impact protection and protective rim for the active shield,
  • hand-forged, blackened hump,
  • riveted ash wood handle,
  • rings as sling attachment.

Photo: Curved round shield from the front

Material: birch plywood, poplar plywood, linen, hemp rope, leather, iron
Diameter: 85 cm
Depth of curvature: 9 cm
Thickness of the shield: 9 mm
Thickness of the rim: 18 mm
Thickness of the rope: approx. 12 mm
thickness of the leather: approx. 3 mm
Weight 4170 g


weight part weight parts
2320 g Wood Glue Wood 2320 g Curved body
150 g Glue 573 g Fabric cover
126 g Fabric outside
185 g Glue
112 g fabric inside
142 g rope 717 g edge
575 g Leather + thread
355 g hump 446 g hump and handle
55 g Handle
12 g Washers
24 g Rivets
31 g Rings 114 g Belt
14 g Washers
69 g Belt
4170 g Total 4170 g Total

Weight index 0,73 g/cm2

Photo: Curved round shield from behind

Photo: Curved round shield from the side

Photo: Detail of shield hump from the side The hump

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